Guys, I AM EXHAUSTED! My kids have emptied my tank lately. One day it is non stop fighting and tattling on each other. The next it is listening to absolutely NOTHING I do or say. The next they are bored to death no matter what I give them to do. Then there is Lauren and her nighttime antics. She wakes up angry and inconsolable and inevitably ends up in our bed where her and the dog vie for position as they both hog the blankets and basically push us to the edge where we are holding on for dear life.  I. AM. TIRED.

Everyone is always on about how important self-care is. In fact I have a card hanging in my bathroom from my good friend Carly that I keep as a reminder of that. selfcare

I put it here so it would be a reminder daily. I have never been great at making time for me. Between cooking meals, doing things with the girls, keeping the house in working order, spending time together as a family and spending time with Chris it’s hard to find time for myself. I need to better at it. At least once a week or for a short time each day.  My tank is empty and I need to fill it back up. I need to make time to take care of me so I am able to be present and at my best self for my family.

What does self-care look like to you? How do you find the time?


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