Big Brother Time!!

Well it’s the most wonderful time of year…


And summer means Big Brother. It means starting tonight (well, really tomorrow night once the live feeds are turned on) I will be obsessed with all things Big Brother. Live feeds, BB After Dark, and of course the three weekly episodes. Also, gotta keep on top of things BB via Twitter and the internet which includes my go to site– Go ahead, judge me all you want. I have NO shame, I love BB!!

Tonight is the season premiere, which means since I’m on the west coast it is not live. So I will need to stay off Twitter until later tonight when we’ve had a chance to watch. But before I do I wanted to do a little pre-show player rankings. It’s always fun to rank them off of first impression and see how wrong you were as the season moves along. First impressions don’t always tell the whole story, so I will most certainly be wrong on a lot of these. The order I have these listed is based on nothing more than the order I watched their interviews in.

First up–I need to address the rumor that Paul from last season will be returning. A lot of people don’t like when former house guests return. For the most part I don’t mind it. I would prefer an All Stars season. But for now a returnee here and there–specially if it’s someone I liked–then I am cool with it. As for Paul specifically, I HATED him in the first few weeks of last season. But as time went on he really grew on me and by the end of the season he was one of my favorites. He played a great game (IMO) and he made me laugh all of the time. So if Paul is indeed back then all I have to say is FRIENDSHIP!

Dominique – I honestly had a really hard time deciding what I thought about her. She seems really nice and her interview made me laugh. But I can’t decide if people will like her or if she is going to be all attitude and get herself in trouble like Da’Vonne in her first season. Totally torn on this one.

Cody – Totally bored me to death. I feel like he will end up making it far just because he will probably be good at challenges. Outside of that I just didn’t get much from him. Yawn!

Josh – First impression tells me he is in a little bit of trouble. He seems like he will be full speed ahead and his mouth will get him into hot water…quickly.

Mark – Totally loved his interview with Jeff. He is cute and seems really sweet and I felt a little connection to him cause his mom died when he was 17. Mine died when I was 18. And he used to be a fatty, another thing we have in common. I have a good feeling about him that he will go far for a few reasons:
1. He is big and strong, he will do well in physical challenges.
2. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and I think it will take him far. He did say he has a soft spot for the ladies so this could ultimately get him in trouble down the line. We shall see what happens.

Megan – Her laugh! Nope! I was a fan of Rachel on her seasons but not that laugh! Megan seems to have potential to make me just as crazy. However she seems pretty well-rounded with the ability to connect with a lot of different types of people.

Ramses – Right away he was really hyper and over the top to me. He seems pretty genuine and sweet so I see some potential there for him to do well. It will really depend on how he connects with some of the girls because I feel like that type of friendship (not showmance) to help him along. It doesn’t feel he will fit in with most of the guys. However he also has the potential for to be well liked like Ian and Steve were in their seasons. That worked out pretty good for those two. Sometimes being the loveable nerd goes a long way.

Jason AKA Whistlenut – He seems really nice and was super charming in his interview. However, that’s where it stopped for me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like him. But he’s never even seen BB and that just never sits well with me. That being said he is high energy and definitely seems like he will make the live feeds fun while he is in there.

Elena – I like her. But I do not have to live in a house with her. It will be interesting to see how she connects with others. I feel like she is totally a love her or hate her type of person. She seems like a good talker and that can always be a really strong characteristic in BB.

Cameron – Another one I really liked. Nerdy but not. He seems like a really good guy and really passionate. He could care less what America thinks about him and I love that. I think he makes it pretty far.

Kevin – Ok so this guy made me laugh. I am always all for an older cast member doing well and making it far in this game. Didn’t work out so well for Glenn last year. Haha! Kevin seems entertaining with stories upon stories to regale us with daily on the feeds etc. I might be totally wrong but I think he is going to do really well socially. Ultimately I feel his age will be his downfall in really connecting and forming a strong alliance but I still think he will be well liked.

Raven – Okay, she will probably need to tone down the perky a little bit for me to get to have any deeper of an opinon formed of her. But like I said first impressions aren’t always right. I felt the same way about Meg in BB17 and she ended up being one of my favorites. But for now I will reserve my opinion on Raven. Too perky for me!

Jillian – Another one who literally bored me to death in her interview with Jeff. Zero substance. I envision her being the girl who cries a lot and plays the victim. Not a fan!

Alex – Nope! Something about her I just didn’t like. Hopefully with some of these people once I see them on the feeds for a week or so my opinions will change when I see a little bit more of who they are. For now though Alex is at the bottom of my list! And seriously she didn’t even know Jeff was JEFF when he was interviewing her.

Matthew – Cute. Nice. Funny. personable. I think he does well. I think the girls will definitely like him and I think he will fit in well with the other guys.

Jessica – I am totally on the fence about Jessica. She is really confident, perhaps overly confident. She is already talking about winning this season and then next season being All Stars and winning that. Let’s pump the brakes a little! She talks a lot, if she can back it up she may do very well.

Christmas – “I’m going to let the loud ones take each other out to begin with!” Yes yes YES! The loud ones always send themselves packing right off the bat. I like Christmas a lot. I like how she talks about her life, her family and her dog. She seems pretty well-rounded with a lot of life experience. I absolutely love her energy and I think she goes far!

With all of that being said my rankings based off of the pre season cast interviews:

1 Christmas
2 Mark
3 Megan
4 Cameron
5 Elena
6 Matthew
7 Jessica
8 Dominique
9 Ramses
10 Kevin
11 Raven
12 Cody
13 Alex
14 Jillian
15 Josh
16 Jason

IF Paul is indeed back for this season then I would rank him after Christmas! Super excited for the season premiere tonight. I will have to stay off of Twitter and Facebook until we watch later this evening. Looking forward to looking back on this post and seeing how wrong I was about every single person. Haha

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