Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Yvonne and I am a 39-year-old stay at home mom of 2 young daughters, Audrey who will be 3 in August, and Lauren who is 13 months. I’ve been married to my husband Chris for 12 years and in that time we have lived in Seattle, Boston and now back west in the Portland Metro area. We have a 14 year old black lab mix who is very much my first baby. To make myself a little more interesting, I should add that I am a full-blooded Scot born in Dumbarton, Scotland who grew up in Canada.

My days are currently filled with dirty diapers, breast-feeding, peepee in da potty, boogers, Paw Patrol, Sophia the First and saying things like “stop licking the dog” and “please stop throwing your food!” Keeping 2 tiny humans entertained and alive day in and day out is no easy feat–and not for the faint of heart–but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Like a lot of moms, life is all about balance. I have personally struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I feel like I am on a never-ending journey of trying to conquer that beast and finding a healthy balance for me, my husband and my kids.

My passions are simple: my family, wine, writing, the Zoo and sports. I think it’s safe to say that this blog will contain a lot of all of those things.

This is me, real and raw. I hope you will join me in this journey of health, kids, love and happiness!

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